Who is
Andrea Latino?

I am an award-winning Digital Manager, one of the few that has done Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation end-to-end, across 11 industries, for over a decade.
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Many career paths.
One story.

I invested my first working decade in a diversified portfolio of experiences to develop a unique managerial profile, resulting in a skill set combining subastantial expertise in Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation. Here’s a recap.
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Born and raised in Italy, I live in Switzerland, where I lead Nestlé 14 Global Accelerators‘ digital strategies, leveraging lean and agile methodologies to drive growth.


Before joining Nestlé, I spent 8+ years as Bureau Veritas-certified Innovation Manager. I have been trusted by 50+ CXOs across 11 industries, ranging from B2B to B2C, including Tech, FMCG, Public, Industrials, Pharma, and Automotive.

  • 50+CLIENTS
  • 15+e2E Digital
  • 13honors &
  • 10+years of
  • 11industries

I was also an entrepreneur, launching two businesses (a digital performance agency and a digital training company) with over 15 staff members and which served 30+ clients.


I provided executive training on Digital Strategy & Digital Transformation for 5 years to 400+ C-levels at Italy’s CXOs and Directors Training Center (CFMT), with an average satisfaction score of 4.75/5.


Politics was my first love. I was able to serve at the Italian Parliament & Prime Minister’s Office, supporting legislative action on digital.


I have had the pleasure of moderating and speaking at 40+ events and contributed 50+ articles on digital topics to Il Sole 24 Ore and other publications.


I worked as a researcher at SDA Bocconi’s DEVO Lab, an initiative in partnership with MIT, to assess the impact of digital transformation on enterprises.

As a first-generation university graduate, I self-funded my education through my work.

Today, I share my knowledge by lecturing about Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation at various Swiss and Italian universities.


In 2023, I was named SwissCognitive Global AI Leader and recognized as one of Nova Global Talent.

I was honored to attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in 2022 as one of the 50 non-executives selected globally.

In 2020, and the decade before, I was nominated one of Forbes Under 30 in Marketing and one of Repubblica‘s “20 Millennials Capable of Changing the World”. I also was a brand ambassador for Audi.


Jack of all trades.
And master of some.

Experience in strategy, marketing, product, policy & data within global corporate,
institutional and startup environments — at your service. Choose an area:

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  • Digital Marketing Strategy & GrowthDeveloping, revamping, or assessing your digital marketing strategy (B2B, B2C, D2C/eCommerce) across channels, focusing on branding and data-driven experiments for performance, leveraging 1st and 3rd party data to achieve personalization at scale.
  • Digital Product & Front-end InnovationDeveloping, revamping, or assessing your digital product using relevant design thinking methodologies, from prototyping to improving UX and UI, ensuring the best consumer/client experience possible.
  • Digital Sales for B2BDeveloping, revamping, or assessing your online sales strategy, including integration between marketing, sales, and product departments, content-driven lead generation, and social outreach.
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If you are facing these challenges, let’s talk.

  • Business-Driven Digital TransformationDeveloping, revamping, or assessing your digital transformation strategy starting from a proprietary maturity assessment, creating a robust roadmap that impacts technological enablers, processes and operations, skills, and culture — all to improve operational efficiency and enhance employee and consumer experience.
  • Digital Business Models & EcosystemsDeveloping, revamping, or assessing your digital business models and digital ecosystem strategy. Pinpointing the optimal areas for growth through adjacent, cross-industry services that win over clients or customers, creating them in-house or via open partnerships with external stakeholders.
  • New Digital-First VenturesCreating or assessing corporate digital ventures complementary to your core business using lean startup methodologies and data-driven experimentation to minimize risk, create new revenue streams, and maximize growth opportunities.
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Are you interested in my story?

Read more about me

Nomen est omen.
My name, my values.

Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways. My last name is ‘Latino’, which, in Italian, refers to the mother tongue of Western civilization. So, following the maxim that your name is your fate, here are my values —  in Latin:

Ad Astra

Towards the stars

I live for forward momentum. My passions are leading teams in crafting the next big thing and bridging the gap between the future and the present.

Minerva Regina

Minerva is queen

I believe in the potential of knowledge to enhance nearly all aspects of work, especially when it is well-codified and well-maintained.

Forma Mentis

Mind structure

I believe that every challenge requires a balance between creativity and structure. Intuition is great, but System 2 Thinking is also critical.

Tempus Fugit

Time goes by

I believe that time is of the essence in the workplace, and honoring it is vital in all aspects of work, such as meetings or deadlines.

Sursum Corda

Lift up your hearts

I believe in respect and dignity for everyone. And I think assertiveness can be expressed without compromising graciousness.

Vae Victis

Woe to the conquered

Managers must tackle the challenge of combating the world’s entropy through our actions without surrendering to defeat — before we even start.


Don’t take only my word for it.

Explore a selection of my contributions to articles, interviews, and events.

As a frequent speaker at international conferences and universities, I have extensive experience engaging audiences. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, let’s talk.

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