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How to leverage Open Innovation

S01E06 – 40 min

In the 6th episode of Atoms & Bits, Andrea Latino hosts Alberto Onetti, Chairman of Mind The Bridge, a global organization that provides innovation consulting services for companies and startups. He’s also a lecturer at the University of Insubria.

Art Cover of the Atoms and Bits Podcast by Andrea Latino Art Cover of the Atoms and Bits Podcast by Andrea Latino
Ascolta ora

“Today, technology, business models, and skills are a whole. So, when dealing with them, you must think like you’re putting a body together. It’s not that you only need legs, arms and a head. You need all three of them!”

What we discuss with Alberto Onetti

Mind the Bridge is a California foundation born in 2017. It aims to create and help develop successful cases of Italian technology in the U.S. through various methodologies. Mind the Bridge wants to educate and promote the best projects and then make them grow.

Alberto Onetti and I discuss Open Innovation, the obstacles that prevent startups from growing, and the soft skills a student must have to prepare for the business world.

As always, our guest gives three actionable insights to our listeners on preparing for future technological opportunities.

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