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Grassroots Campaign Pillars

IN a nutshell

The “Grassroots Campaign Pillars” tool is a list of goals and bullet points useful to the organization of a grassroots campaign. Unite volunteers for the political good of the community and increase your candidate’s chances of success. Build an independent group that can get organized faster and is freer to speak directly to people nearby than an official campaign will ever be.

A political pin next to a clump of grass as Grassroots Campaign Pillars tool header image A political pin next to a clump of grass as Grassroots Campaign Pillars tool header image
This tool may suit you if you are facing these challenges:
  • How do I set up my grassroots campaign?
  • What online digital tools could I use for political communication?
  • How do I keep up engagement?
  • When is the best time to join a bigger campaign?
What is it for?

Grassroots Campaign: let your voice be heard

The preliminary work your group will do knocking on doors, distributing pamphlets, and building consensus in the local community will help create a base of supporters that the candidate will surely need in the future. By following every step of this chart, you will be able to communicate authentically without having to deal with the complex challenges that come with large campaigns. That way, when the national team arrives in your area, they will find an already strong wave of support that has grown organically through the relationships you have built.

How to use it

A step-by-step guide

Study the overall goals on the chart and consider applying them in the area and community of your interest. Survey the territory, spread the word, and gather the first volunteers. As a grassroots campaign leader, you have a unique opportunity to create a community that functions as a social club full of like-minded people.

Go deeper into your goals point by point, and manage the network you have created by keeping it hyped and making volunteers feel important and involved. Use the Internet to mobilize more people, get the word out about your campaign, and raise funds and memberships.

Evaluate your achievements: is it time to expand your group and join the national campaign? If you are proud of what you have built, don’t wait to get in touch. If they are not yet ready for you, they will need you sooner or later to win votes, and they will reconsider then. The right opportunity just has to come.

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