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Personal Branding Canvas

in a nutshell

The Personal Branding Canvas is a compilation of questions to ask yourself before implementing personal promotion and brand-building strategies. Finding the appropriate answers allows you to get an overview of your situation and understand whether there is a basis for starting a successful brand or a need to change direction.

A lighted sales sign as the Personal Braning Canvas tool header image A lighted sales sign as the Personal Braning Canvas tool header image
This tool may suit you if you are facing these challenges:
  • How do I frame all the features that make up my job profile?
  • What makes me different from my competitors and what value do I add?
  • What areas should I consider if I want to implement a personal branding strategy?
  • What issues of the market in which I compete should I consider?
What is it for?

Personal Branding: how to promote yourself

Personal branding is a process through which a person strategically manages their professional image to define themselves as a brand and position themselves as a professional in a certain field. Today it has become the super trend for anyone who wishes to stand out and make a relevant contribution to society.

How to use it

A step-by-step guide

Consider the two macro-groups: the playing arena and the competitors. While the former refers to the arena in which you decide to test yourself, the latter examines the audience you will need to address to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

For each macro-group, there are micro-areas of reference that address fairly broad questions about a particular aspect to be considered. Each topic contributes to completing the body of information you will need to create or improve your work and personal profile.

Next, answer the individual questions in order to paint a complete and comprehensive picture of yourself. It is essential to begin with a thorough understanding of yourself in order to achieve an effective, trustworthy, followed, and well-reviewed personal brand.

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