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How to grow (and scale) a small business

S01E07 – 33 min

In the 7th episode of Atoms & Bits, Andrea Latino hosts Andrea Incondi, Country Manager of Flixbus Italy, a young mobility operator that offers its customers a sustainable, comfortable and cheap way to travel around Europe.

Art Cover of the Atoms and Bits Podcast by Andrea Latino Art Cover of the Atoms and Bits Podcast by Andrea Latino
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“The opposite of innovation is the status quo. And it is comfortable, efficient, and understandable. But it is a short-term focus. You must get your people used to not focusing only on the status quo. You have to try to make them lift their heads up and make them see what is happening.”

What we discuss with Andrea Incondi

Working in a physical industry like people transport does not preclude the need to integrate digital solutions. User-friendly digital platforms and managing processes, data, and people within the organization are possible ones, for example.

The episode also discusses restructuring the organizational shape of companies to build a successful scale-up and potential policies to boost investment in innovation.

As always, our guest gives three actionable insights to our listeners on preparing for future technological opportunities.

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