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How to reimagine the pharmaceutical industry

S03E07 – 44 min

In the 29th episode of Atoms & Bits, Andrea Latino hosts Elisabetta Bramani, Commercial Execution Head, and Daniela Della Monica, Business Franchise Head of the Immunology, Hepatology, and Dermatology division of Novartis Pharma Italia, one of the largest companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Art Cover of the Atoms and Bits Podcast by Andrea Latino Art Cover of the Atoms and Bits Podcast by Andrea Latino
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“This is where the new challenge lies […], namely, building a health system in which the population dimension and the personalized approach are presenta system where both coexist, not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually enhancing.”

What we discuss with Elisabetta Bramani and Daniela Della Monica

The Digital Transformation topic also affects the Pharmaceutical Industry, an excellence in Italy. Novartis alone—as you will hear in this episode—impacts Italy’s GDP in a remarkably significant way.

My interview with Elisabetta Bramani and Daniela Della Monica discusses Digital Transformation and innovation in the pharmaceutical landscape and the medical personalization of therapies. We also discuss the central role of education and scientific alphabetization in Italy.

As always, our guest gives three actionable insights to our listeners on preparing for future technological opportunities.

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