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How to build a healthier relationship with our digital life

S02E02 – 20 min

In the 12th episode of Atoms & Bits, Andrea Latino hosts Valentina Manfredi. She’s managing director of Groupon, an experiential marketplace that offers users different ways to get the most out of their cities.

Art Cover of the Atoms and Bits Podcast by Andrea Latino Art Cover of the Atoms and Bits Podcast by Andrea Latino
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“Investing in digital skill development is an absolute value today. It creates skills often sought after by the market but elusive. So, this allows the company to grow while allowing people to find jobs.”

What we discuss with Valentina Manfredi

According to the research area of digital wellbeing, it is possible to preserve one’s mental and physical health through a proper balance between online activity and offline life. How? By monitoring the amount of time one uses IT tools.

So, in this second episode of the second season of Atoms & Bits, Valentina Manfredi and I discuss solutions companies could establish to improve their employees’ digital wellbeing, and how digital has been a safety anchor for businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak.

As always, our guest gives three actionable insights to our listeners on preparing for future technological opportunities.

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